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 Code of Conduct
Ola Girls Softball Code of Conduct to be followed by all participants (coaches, parents, players, etc.) at all OGSA sanctioned events.

 USSSA Rules updated March 2013 
All Henry County softball parks will be following USSSA rules beginning Spring, 2012. Attached are the rules for both Rec and Select teams. 
Each age group will also offer either a Rec league or Select league: 

Rec teams will be allowed to freeze only 4 players and will complete their team from the draft. 
Select teams will be allowed to select their players.


 Coach's Application 
Application needed if you wish to be a Coach or Assistant Coach  for an Ola Girls Softball team.

 Ola Girls Softball Association By-laws 
The organizing and guiding document of Ola Girls Softball.

 Ola Girls Softball Association Rule Book 
Park specific rules and guidelines for players, coaches, parents, and spectators.

These rules supersede USSSA rules.

2017 HCPRD Supplemental Recreation & Select Softball Rules

To supersede USSSA rules

I. Registration
A. Every player will register and check select or rec.
B. All players not frozen to a “Select” team will be advised to go to the
try outs. A “Select” team consists of more than 4 freezes (which
include head and assistant coach’s children).
C. Each season, each Association will turn in a roster for each team to
HCPRD. If a coach leaves an Association and goes to another
Association and begins the season with more than 4 players from the
previous season’s roster, then that team is considered a “Select” team
at the new Association.
D. Playing up an age group – A player may only play up one year from
their legal age. Example: An 8 year old can move up to play with 9
year olds, but a 7 year old cannot.
II. Try-Outs and Draft
A. All players attending try-outs will be graded by both the select and
rec. coaches. Every player will then be given a composite grade and
all players will then be ranked.
B. Players not attending the try-out that were frozen by a rec. team will
be slotted in the highest possible round available. Player not
attending the try-out and were not frozen to a rec. team will become
hat picks.
C. Only select coaches that have requested additional players can select
players from the try-outs. Coaches can only pick from the players
who chose the select league on their registration form. All remaining
players will go into the rec. draft.
D. Rec. players that were frozen will be put into the draft order
according to their grade. Coaches will begin an alternating draft only
drafting in rounds that they have an open slot.
E. After all eligible players are drafted; the remaining players are
selected by hat pick. Hat pick players cannot be traded.
III. HCPRD Supplemental Rules
A. Time Limits – No new inning starts after the time limit.
B. Equipment – No Metal cleats for any age groups.
C. Minimum Playing Time-minimum playing time will stay the same.
Players can be substituted on defense to allow a minimum of one
inning of play per game, with no more than two consecutive innings to
be spent in the dugout. Free substitution of all players for all age
divisions is allowed without reporting the substitutions to the umpire
in chief except for the pitching position.
D. Minimum Players - Once the umpire declares “game time,” each team
must have at least eight (8) players present and ready to play without
penalty. If a team does not have the required number of players to

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start the game, the umpire shall declare a grace period of fifteen (15)
minutes (for the first scheduled game only) for the team needing
players and game clock will start. If a team is still under the required
number of players at the end of the grace period, the umpire shall
declare the game a forfeit in favor of the team with the required
number of players. If both teams do not have the required number of
players after the grace period has expired, the umpire will declare the
game a double-forfeit. Minimum number of players to play a game is
eight (8) if a team drops below (8) players for any reasons game called
and opposing teams wins due to forfeit. Ten defensive players for 8u-
16u will be used. 6u will play all.
E. Late Player - Once a game has started, any players arriving late will
be placed at the bottom of the official line-up without penalty. A late
player may be inserted as a defender on the field only after
requesting and receiving time from the umpire.
F. Sickness or Injury - Players leaving the game due to injury or illness
will be able to return to the game one time. No outs will be charged to
the team with injured or sick player.
G. Continuous Batting Order – Continuous batting order for both rec.
and select. All age divisions will play offense using a continuous
batting order. All players will bat their turn as they appear in the
official scorebook based on the line-up card provided by each team
prior to the beginning of the game. Players are not required to play
defense in order to bat.
H. Run Rules – Teams are limited to 5 runs per inning. Run Rules are
15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings and 6 runs after 5
I. Infield Fly Rule – No infield fly rule for age groups 10 and under.
J. Bunt Rule – No bunting for age groups 8 and under. Bunting is
allowed in age groups 10 and over.
K. Slinging the Bat – Players who sling the bat will be given a warning
on their first offense. On the second offense of the same player, the
batter is called out and base runners may not advance.
L. Dropped Third Strike – No dropped third strike rule for age groups
10 and under.
M. Defensive Coaches in 10 and older age groups – One defensive coach
may be outside the dugout but not on the field of play.
N. Pitching/Hitting Rules for the 6 and Under Age Group – The coach
will pitch 3 pitches to a batter and if the ball is not put into play the
batter will have two opportunities from a batting tee to put the ball in
play. If the ball is not put into play after two swings from a batting
tee, the batter is considered out. The pitching coach for the offensive
team must be at least 30 feet away from the batter when delivering
the pitch. The defensive player may stand next to the offensive
pitching coach. Each batter will have 3 coach pitches and 2 from the
batting tee to complete a turn at bat. After the 3rd swing by the

8/18/17 bdailey/desktop/athletics/youthsoftball

batter, she may elect to use the tee. If she elects to use the tee, the
batter will have 2 swings off the tee. The batter must hit a fair ball
off of the tee that extends beyond the 3 foot arc at home plate or the
batter is called out. A fair ball hit off of a coach pitch does NOT have
to extend beyond the 3 foot arc and is considered a live ball. No more
than 5 combined (coach pitch and tee) attempts at the ball. If a base
runner is halfway or more past the base when the thrown ball reaches
the infield, the runner is allowed to continue to the next base, but
must make the base. Runners are not permitted to advance on an
overthrow to first or third bases. Coaches are not allowed to touch
base runners while the ball is in play. Should this occur, the umpire
shall declare the runner out. The offensive pitching coach must move
outside the lines on the 1st or 3rd base lines so as not to interfere with
play. If a coach, in the umpire’s judgment, intentionally interferes
with play, he/she will be warned once by the umpire. On a 2nd
infraction, the umpire shall eject the coach from the game. If the
offensive pitching coach is hit by a batted ball, the ball is considered
to still be live with the offensive coach being considered part of the
playing field.
O. Pitching/Hitting Rules for the 8 and Under “Rec” and “Select” Age
Group will be coach pitch. Each batter will get 5 pitches or 3 strikes.
If a batter fouls off the fifth pitch, they will continue to get pitches
until the ball is put into play or until they are out. The coach must
have a foot in contact with the pitching rubber upon release of the
ball. If the coach does not have a foot in contact with the pitching
rubber when the ball is released, an illegal pitch will be called by the
umpire and the offensive coach’s allowable pitch count will be
reduced by one.
P. Pitching Circle for the Age Groups 8 and Under – There will be a half
circle to establish where the youth pitcher will stand while the coach
is pitching to the batter. The half circle will consist of a line going
across the pitching rubber 16 ft. and the circle extending behind the
pitching rubber 8 ft.
Q. Stealing – in the age groups 10 and older, stealing, including home, is
R. Tie-Breaker Rule - If the game is tied after regulation innings and has
not yet reached the time limit, a tie-breaker will be played in which
both teams will start their turn at bat with runners on 2nd and 3rd
and no outs. The last two girls to bat the previous inning will be on
2nd and 3rd. If the game is still tied after this inning, the game will
be declared a tie.
S. Protest - Only protest concerning ineligible or illegal players; rule
interpretation or playing requirements will be accepted. A protest must
be officially declared during the game by the team coach. Notification
must also be made to the plate umpire and both scorebooks. RULE
INTERPRETATION: must be declared prior to next legal or illegal

8/18/17 bdailey/desktop/athletics/youthsoftball

pitch. Failure to declare shall deny a protest. ILLEGAL OR
INELIGIBLE PLAYER: must be declared prior to the completion of
the game. Failure to declare shall deny a protest. PLAYING
REQUIREMENTS: must be declared prior to the completion of the
game. Failure to declare shall deny a protest. A written protest and
$50.00 fee must be turned into the league office by 4:00 the next
business day. If protest is determined to be legal, the league office shall
accept the protest and make a ruling. If the protest is upheld, the
$50.00 fee will be refunded. If the protest is denied the league office will
retain the $50.00 fee.
T. Unsportsmanlike conduct - the umpire shall have the authority to eject
from a game any player, coach, or spectator whose actions, whether
physical or verbal, are in the umpire's judgment jeopardizing the
continuation of the game or being abusive toward any individual. This
includes chanting or taunting directed at a participant of the opposing
team by name or position, yelling “swing” or “balk”, etc. in an attempt
to distract a participant from the opposing team, or taking any action,
verbal or non-verbal, in an attempt to distract or intimidate a member
of the opposing team. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.
The head coach for each team is responsible for the actions of every
member of his/her team, including assistant coaches and parents of
his/her players. Any person ejected will be suspended from the next
scheduled game. A second ejection will result in suspension until the
person appears before the HCPRD Rec. Board.